Stronger is a division of Image Holdings Ltd offering off the shelf solutions for your nutritional and animal health requirements

Animal management is a complex process, the top priorities being food and shelter as well as the added pressure of what your animals are intended for, and, it would be correct to say that all Species Are Not Created Equal.

That’s why, at Stronger®, we ensure your animals are cared for by individual monitoring and tailored formulations.

Over 20 years we have worked with many facets of supplying the optimum nutrients for a wide range of animal types and situations.

In that time, we're proud to say that not only has our expertise become well known, but our problem-solving skills are second to none. Our R&D department is repeatedly researching and testing global information on better ways to ensure your animal wellbeing.

Our clients have always demanded the best from us, and we've consistently delivered smarter thinking in how we can supply a more well-rounded set of solutions.

If you are a professional manager of animals, whether they be individuals or large groups, then you're well aware that it's no longer acceptable to simply 'feed out' with whatever is available.

Whether it is muscle development, bone growth, digestive processing, disease immunity, or, most likely all of the above and beyond, we have a formulation that will work for you and ensure maximum yield.

We don't just produce 'off the shelf' products either, we will work with you to supply a bespoke formulation that is focused entirely on your particular species and their individual environment - you can’t get a more targeted focus on animal strength, growth and wellbeing.

Smart nutrient formulations are nothing without quality ingredients we are supplied from around the world and we use only the best quality ingredients mixed to intelligent formulas.

We know your animals are important to you and for the extra investment you put into their wellbeing will get returns both financially and emotionally.

What you get is a nutrient system that will not only keep your animals healthy and in peak performance, but will maximise their potential.

After all, you are what you eat... the same applies to your animals.


Optimum Animal Nutrition

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